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Glossary for the Mitchell Collector

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  • Dauphin - (French for dolphin) is the name given in France to the Mitchell 316.

  • Decals - Prior to direct engraving, decals were placed on some models by various vendors. Garcia was the primary user of this identification method up until the late 1950s. Other European Mitchell distributors like Albatros, Arca and Balzer did the same.

  • (DL) Deluxe Models - Most Deluxe models were issued with the Garcia logo and were available from the early 1960 to the mid-1970s. The following models were made as DLs: 300DL, 301DL, 408DL, 410DL. There were other models manufactured in the DL family but were never sold to the general public. These included a 304DL that was made as a special issue for select corporate individuals. There was a 308DL supposedly marketed in Europe to the public but this could not be validated. It appears the 308DL was not mass marketed but produced as select issue for certain individuals and custom ordered for others. Mitchell says a 440DL was definitely made in small quantities and manufactured as presentation issue for select distribution. Collectors believe other models were made in the DL fashion but there is no evidence to support this theory. Read more on the Mitchell Gold models here.

  • de Medts, Luc - Mitchell collector and author of the book "Les Moulinets Mitchell" (see here).

  • Demonstration Models - Demonstration models were originally intended as salesmen samples to show the tackle store owners the inner workings of the reel. These sales tools are full working reels with a clear acrylic plate showing the interior of the reel. The 302, 386, 306, 308 and some other saltwater models in the 400 series were modified with these clear covers. A few models -the 320 i.e.- were made with a translucent rotor as well. Both the Demonstration and Cutaway models were intended for use as sales display items.

  • Dual (Modified reel foot) - Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, Mitchell experimented with a modified reel foot. This new design would eliminate the feel of cold metal when fishing in a cold climate. The following models were produced with forked ends (dual): 500, 508, 510, 524, 540, and the 840. A special rod was required for these reels. No left-hand models known. The decal "Dual" was only used in Europe.

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