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  • B Series - Reels manufactured in the late 1970s by Mitchell for a secondary vendor in France (see BlackFish below). Mitchell produced five models in the B Series: B10 (320), B20 (324), B30 (300), B40 (306), and B50 (386). It appears the B Series was sold to a chain of discount stores throughout France.

  • Balzer - Importer and distributor of Mitchell products for Germany. Some reels sold by this distributor displayed this name either on a decal or by engraving. Some reels wore this logo -a capercaillie (a kind of grouse)- or were engraved with the same name.

  • Bass Pro Shops® - Bass Pro Shops (USA) marketed two Mitchell "G"-reels during 1987. One was 400G and the other was a 408G. The "G" is for the Gold trim. Both reels are similar to the DL series produced by Garcia in the mid 1960 to early 1970s.

  • Benjamin - Name given in the Netherlands to indicate the small Mitchell 308-model. This name appeared also for a short time on the 308 reel distributed by Albatros (see Albatros).

  • BHV - A general store in Paris called "le Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville". In the early 1960s, custom ordered from Mitchell three different models with the BHV logo on them. These three models were sold exclusively by this store as models (engraved) "SuperBHV" (=314), and (not engraved) "Weekend BHV" (=300), and "BHV Lourd" (=306).

  • Big Game - Although the 4 models of the 1000-series - 1040, 1060, 1090 and 1120 - were only marked "Mitchell" they were the Big Game fishing reels exclusively made for Mitchell by the French Preciorel Company at Aurec.

  • BlackFish - The BlackFish reel is an enigma in as much as the current information about this model is that either Mitchell or a secondary vendor sold it exclusively in France. The reel had a decal with the name "BlackFish" followed by the designation B10, B20, B30, B40 or B50. The B10 was a 320, the B20 a 324, the B30 a 300, the B40 a 316 and the B50 a 386-model.

  • Blime, Philippe - took over the Mitchell Company in 1982.

  • "Bracko" - Name of a -very strange looking- fishing spoon sold by Mitchell.

  • Bronze Mitchell models - In 1984, during the last year of Browning’s involvement with Mitchell, a bronze series was released which included the following models: 320, 324, 382, 906, 908, 910, 440ALC, 3210, a 3230 and a 3250. These ten models represent a rare commodity as not too many sets of these ten models were manufactured. It appears this series was only sold in France. (We thank C. Lhermitte for his additional information!)

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