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Ever thought of opening a reel and having a glance at what’s inside of it? Don’t worry if you never did so. It’s always better to leave your little gems intact! We opened some for you… No, we’re no peeping toms, we just like to know how and with which parts a reel was built. Let’s say we sacrificed some reels to learn a lot about their history. What we learned by doing this, we’ll share with you. The results of our investigations are some interesting pedigrees! Excuse us for using some "crude" words, but they are all allowed in the -noble- science of genealogy!

We learned the main gear is the most important part of a reel -not only to make it spin like a watch- but also to reveal its origin. The main gear that will be found in the ancestor will also be discovered in the inside of all its descendants.

Genealogy 300

The very first Mitchell model has part #81033 for main gear. This same part is also found in the "300", the "Otomatic", the "330", the "300C" and the "500".

As anglers were demanding a reel with an increased retrieving ratio, Carpano & Pons soon decided to develop the first "High Speed" model. First called "Rapid", it became "350 5/1" and later "350". This "Rapid" was an illegitimate child of the "300"! Its gear #81085 appears also in the "400", "410", "Match", "440", "440 Match", "510" and the "540".

Genealogy 810

The "810" used gear #82399, same as in its children "840" and "840 Match".

The last of the "300" shaped reels, the "900" model, had gear #82581. As you know it had no offspring…

The poor old "Salt Water", also known as "302" had no legitimate descendants. Only the "402" could claim to be of the same blood. But it had an increased gear ratio like all models of the "400" series.

Genealogy 306

The progeny of the "306" (#81562) on the contrary was more extensive. It not only was the procreator of the "316", 306A" and "306S", we can also claim it was the father of the -not so legitimate- son "406" (#81597) and his child the "906".

Genealogy 308

Prince "308", son of King "300" (gear #81311), just had one official descendant: it’s the "308A". It’s a known fact that having just one son was the best solution to avoid cruel wars between all pretenders to the throne… But "noblesse oblige", or nobility obliges, as they say in France: the Prince was the father of some -nice- bastards (oops, sorry!): the "358" (#81326) and his children "408", 508", 908" and "308S".

Genealogy 386

It’s obvious that the big ones (sea models) couldn’t resist to do the same thing as their smaller cousins. The "386" (gear #81457) only has one direct descendant: the "396". This was no disability to be at the origin of the "486", "488", "496" and "498" all using gear #81531.

Genealogy 304

The history of the "Cap" and its offspring is a lot simpler: gear #81134 used in the "304" only reappears in the "314", completed with an extra "planamatic" gearing. The -not so official- offspring "340" (#81179) and "304S" (#82014) never equalled the success of the legendary C.A.P….

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