Mitchell Collectors' Reference Guide


I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, The Mitchell Collectors' Reference Guide.

The book is both a historical and pictorial reference guide for Mitchell spinning reel enthusiasts with approximately 274 pages of text and photographs.  Each page is devoted to one particular model or variation along with supporting specifications and comments; including rarity.  The scope of the book covers the majority of the three-digit series of spinning reels produced by Mitchell since their inception, as well as the round body versions, Galion series, and tournament reels.  Visit for a recent review of the book.    

Instructions for ordering are below.  Please send an e-mail or drop a  note in the mail should you have any questions.

Dennis Roberts  

Member of ORCA & NFLCC

Fellow Reel Collectors!

(Size 8.5x11" ~ 274 Pages - B&W Photos - Soft Cover)



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